• Lexit - The Movie
    Lexit - The Movie
  • Nik A explains the Housing Bill
    Nik A explains the Housing Bill
  • Explanation of TTIP, TPP and TISA
    Explanation of TTIP, TPP and TISA

Bellingham bye-election 21st July - Vote for David Hamilton

David Hamilton at Bellingham playclub

Vote for David Hamilton in Bellingham bye-election on Thursday 21st July

We're leaving the EU! Cameron has gone‎!

Corbyn under attack from Labour MPs! ‎

‎At a time of political change we need people with a bold vision of how we can improve Bellingham, Lewisham and beyond.

The Labour Mayor is closing libraries and community centres, giving developers public land for expensive flats instead of council housing.

He's privatised leisure services, highway and park maintenance and school meals.‎

Leave the E U - click on Lexit The Movie above - Go to BringBackDemocracy.org.uk or Facebook LPBP-Leave

People Before Profit is actively campaigning for a "Leave" vote in the forthcoming referendum. A members only meeting decided on the change by a majority of more than two thirds. Those proposing the motion pointed out the the policies of People Before Profit on keeping public services "in house", on support for local businesses and against the TTIP and CETA agreements would bring us into sharp conflict with the EU if we were to be successful in council elections.  Speakers also pointed out that the Labour, Green, Lib-Dem and Conservative parties all support the EU and that it was important that the half of the population who appear to be opposed to the EU need to be able to identify with a party other than UKIP which can represent their views.

After the motion was passed it was agreed that we would be running our own campaign, independent of UKIP and not in any way associated with UKIP.  We will produce our own literature and also use leaflets from other sources such as Trade Unionists Against the EU and Left Leave.

Posters for windows and noticeboards are available shortly along with leaflets to hand out at street stalls, door to door and at stations and schools.

To get involved please contact lewisham@bringbackdemocracy.org.uk

LPBP support Sian Berry in the London Mayoral Elections

Lewisham People Before Profit did not stand candidates in the recent GLA elections. We have decided to back Sian Berry, the Green candidate for mayor and Imogen Solly the Green candidate for Greenwich and Lewisham. The Green Party and Lewisham People Before Profit have very similar views on many issues concerning the future of London.

Stop Council cuts in Telegraph Hill ward

Please sign these three petitions now:

Please sign the online petition to Save Barnes Wallis Community Centre  – is on Wild Goose Drive and is one of the community centres the Mayor wants to demolish or sell for the housing he could build at Besson St (see below). It’s a thriving centre in the middle of the Somerville Estate and it’s home to a nursery, ballet, Taekwondo, line dancing, choir, arts and crafts, a church and classes in English and maths. We've been told there will be a replacement in the basement of a block of flats, but no plans have been shown to anyone, and who wants to live above a youth club.

Please sign the online petition to Save Honor Oak Community Centre – on Turnham Road is also scheduled for demolition for housing. Honor Oak is a high density housing area – we don’t need more people here but we do need somewhere for all the community activites which go on: Taekwondo, Yoga, lessons on computing, babies and toddler groups, food bank and more and more. It is the only space around large enough for wedding receptions and funerals, for pantomime performances, badminton.


Edmund Waller Primary School – Lewisham Council wants to double Edmund Waller from 60 to 120 children in each year because there is a shortage of primary school places in Lewisham – but not in Telegraph Hill!

Lewisham’s proposals would make Edmund Waller larger than many local secondary schools with 840 children but leave it without enough playground space for them all to play at the same time. It will mean children from miles away will have to be driven or take a bus to school. Please ask Lewisham to ditch their proposals to expand Waller, and pledge instead to provide primary school places where they are needed. Petition link: Save Edmund Waller School


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